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Responses to HRDF Townhall Session – Governance and General Matters

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Responses to HRDF Townhall Session – Governance and General Matters

In this response, HRDF shares its response on improvements to governance and other matters


SME Assist begins this piece today joining Malaysia’s Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) to wish all Malaysians a Selamat Hari Merdeka!

As shared over the last fortnight, on 7 June 2018, close to 600 HRDF registered Training Providers gathered for a Townhall with the Minister of Human Resources, YB M. Kula Segaran.

In continuing to present the compiled answers to questions raised, this week we focus on responses in relation to conflict of interest, governance and other general matters. However, if you’d prefer to see the responses to all queries together, you can visit their site here – what is listed below is as posted on HRDF’s website.


The issue raised in relation to conflict of interest was as follows:

  • A Training Provider as HRDF Board member
  • Usage of Fund

In response to this, HRDF has announced that a Governance Oversight Committee (GOC) was formed on 28 June 2108. The GOC has been given the mandate to assist HRDF’s Board of Directors. It is tasked with oversight responsibilities, which include:

  • reviewing all aspects of the Board’s governance framework and ensuring it functions in an effective and efficient manner,
  • to support the operations of HRDF, and
  • reviewing matters raised as conflict of interest.
The members of this GOC are:
  • Tan Sri Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria
  • Ms Fiona Soh
  • Mr Fahri Azzat
  • Mr S. Dhamodaran
  • Mr R. Nadeswaran


In relation to governance, among the key issues raised was in relation to the Sectoral Training Committee (STC), specifically its’ value. HRDF advised that it has revised the Terms of Reference (TOR) of the Sectorial Training Committees (STC) for the Management’s approval. There are new clauses added to strengthen governance and to ensure there is no conflict of interest. Information on this will be released as soon as it is available.

Next, the issue of forfeited levy was raised. HRDF responded that all forfeited levy goes into a General Reserve Account and is used to run programmes / initiatives that benefit registered Employers as a whole:

  • The proposed programmes / initiatives are tabled to the Board of Directors (BOD) for approval before being implemented.
  • The General Reserve Account and monies spent on programmes / initiatives implemented are closely monitored and reported back to Board periodically.


The issue of communication at branches also was raised; to this, HRDF responded that internal communication between HRDF HQ and its branches will be reviewed and improved to address concerns raised. This will include a close-loop process that is tracked and reported internally to Management.

An idea for communication platforms for TPs and trainers to advise on current trends and needs of manufacturers was raised, among others for the same to pitch new ideas to HRDF. The suggestion was for an online platform, which would allow submission of ideas directly into a system where it will be transparently tracked and reviewed.

The foundation of this idea was for the submissions to  go through an Evaluation Committee made up of HRDF registered Employers representing respective industries. This would then allow industries to weigh the benefits of ideas proposed in line with their human capital development needs.

HRDF responded that as it was a proposal from the floor, it would contact the company concerned to explore options.

SME Assist views the willingness of HRDF to respond to issues and questions raised from the floor as not only welcome, but inspiring as well. The future of learning & development comes from continuous engagement and exchange of ideas, and it is a progressive move to do so.


is an Author, Trainer and Consultant in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Communication, Organizational Development and Project Management. Some of his past successes include restructuring a private University to enable an increase in student numbers, and serving the Malaysian government as a Communications Consultant as part of its profile building efforts. He is now focused on success building of individuals and organizations.

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