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Responses to HRDF Townhall Session – Feedback Platforms

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Responses to HRDF Townhall Session – Feedback Platforms

In this final piece, HRDF shares it’s response to the Feedback Platforms suggestion during the Town Hall – and we give our input too


One of the most sensitive issues raised at the Town Hall with the Minister of Human Resources, YB M. Kula Segaran on 7 June 2018 for the HRDF registered Training Providers was avenues for communication.

Held at Connexion Conference & Event Centre at The Vertical, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, the session was also telecast ‘live’ via Facebook & Instagram.



Three key issues were highlighted:

  • Avenue for TPs and trainers to come together;
  • Townhall invitations; and,
  • A Legal Notice matter where HRDF allegedly prevented TPs or trainers from attending the Townhall.


    • HRDF responded that it has compiled responses to all issues raised during the Townhall, and has now published these on their website as well as their social media channels for ease of access.
    • HRDF will also share regular updates on the progress of on-going initiatives.
    • It also promised to engage the training / learning and development community periodically, and welcomed their feedback or comments to HRDF through various social media platforms and official channels.

SME Assist congratulates HRDF for organising the Townhall for Training Providers (TPs); however, we would like to know if there would be a similar event for trainers, even if it is a web-based one? This is because training providers and trainers have different roles in the learning and development industry.


    • HRDF began with some background information on how the Townhall invitations went out:
      • 1 June 2018 – HRDF was requested to arrange a Townhall between HRDF registered TPs and the newly minted Minister of Human Resources.
      • 2 June 2018 – Invitations were sent out.
      • 7 June 2018 – Due to space constraints, there was an initial limitation on the numbers of attendees HRDF could cater to.
        • However, HRDF did not turn anyone away on-site.
        • In addition, HRDF arranged for ‘live’ streaming of the entire Townhall via Facebook and Instagram.
        • The video captured via FB Live is still available on HRDF’s FB page, with all comments displayed.
    • HRDF added that it has a wide array of communication channels to touch base with its stakeholders. This includes email, the HRDF website / portal, social media platforms as well as the HRDF mobile app.
    • Moving forward, HRDF has committed that it will ensure all events and general updates are communicated through these channels for the ease of our stakeholders.

SME Assist believes that official channels alone are not enough; a lot of the issues faced before were related to a lack of transparency, and engagement in public through other channels would be not only more welcome, it may lead to more positive results.


    • HRDF advised that there was no legal notice issued to stop anyone from attending or speaking at the Townhall;
    • However, a Letter of Demand dated 1 June 2018 was sent by HRDF in respect of a defamatory WhatsApp message which was circulated by an external party – which included mention of a press conference that was going to be held on 4 June 2018.
    • The notice demanded an apology, indemnification and undertaking to not repeat the false/defamatory allegations and to not proceed with the press conference on 4 June 2018. There was no mention of the Townhall in the notice sent.

I watched the live telecast, and am also of the opinion that this was a personal issue highlighted in the Town Hall, which was not the right forum for it; however, the fact that HRDF has chosen to explain it in their communications bodes well for the future of HRDF.

SME Assist looks forward to working together with HRDF in many other ways in time to come. We use this opportunity to wish the best for HRDF in their steps forward.

is an Author, Trainer and Consultant in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Communication, Organizational Development and Project Management. Some of his past successes include restructuring a private University to enable an increase in student numbers, and serving the Malaysian government as a Communications Consultant as part of its profile building efforts. He is now focused on success building of individuals and organizations.

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