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Not enough can be said about these amazing partners that have helped and continue to help increase SME Assist’s profile amongst Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

As a platform for both these parties to meet and exchange tips, resources and guidance to new and existing business owners, the publication can only be effective if enough parties recognise its value, and SME Assist is humbled by the recognition these organisations accord us:


PMedia Group Asia, Business Development Partner

PMedia Group Asia is a full-suite communications firm focused on delivering tangible, measurable results for its clients.

As our Business Development partner, PMedia Group Asia engages with our potential and existing advertisers to seek out areas for mutual benefit so that increased revenue becomes a result for all parties.


Marketing in Asia, Content Partner

Marketing in Asia is a resource centre for all things marketing. It’s mission is to empower Asia with marketing ideas, and it does so with powerful content related to branding, storytelling, insights and ideas.

It also provides powerful resources related to social media, content, design, digital and traditional marketing, advertisement, search engine optimisation, website, email and so on. It is represented in SME Assist by Azleen Abdul Rahim and his team.


Global Trainers Federation, Distribution Partner

With over 10,000 members in their affiliate networks globally, the Global Trainers Federation is slowly becoming the body that sets the standards on quality training everywhere.

Thanks to the Federation, this international readership to our publication are also ‘editors’ of sorts for us; being experts in their own field, they constantly communicate with us, the writers and the editorial team, to advise us on the latest and most accurate research on the topics we share.


The Profit Edge, Content Partner

A business coaching firm, The Profit Edge is represented in SME Assist by Ian Homer.

It is popular regionally due to its passion towards helping businesses scale up for better profitability and strength.



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