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Company in Review: Piktochart

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Company in Review: Piktochart

“No more Monday Blues.”

Written down on a piece of a paper back in 2011, little did Ai Ching Goh and Andrea Zaggia know that those four words would mark the beginning of an incredibly exciting and rewarding journey.

In fact, all they knew was that they wanted to work in a place where two things mattered: people and communication.

Having both quit their jobs, Ai Ching and Andrea found Yet Another Studio, a graphic design agency based in Penang, an exotic Malaysian island known for its rich variety of food and incredible heritage sites.

But the initial idea of helping a select few clients communicate with greater (visual) impact soon paved way for a bigger mission: to put visual prowess in everyone’s hands.

And so four people get down to business, working day and night out of a small Penang-based warehouse to make it happen. Before too long, their first do-it-yourself infographics maker was born. And they named it Piktochart.

Fast-forward to today and that four-person team has blossomed into a wonderful bunch of curious people who passionately work toward that same mission. To keep evolving and bringing even greater tools to the more than 10 million people who use Piktochart to tell amazing visual stories, in whatever format and shape they may take.

And to cut it short, that’s pretty much how they got to where they are today. And they keep getting better – as Shen Dee Quah, Piktochart’s HR & Recruitment Officer shares on their blog, they recently redid their logo and re-wrote their messaging to fit how they had evolved as a company.

The idea is that, in a world where communication doesn’t always come across as genuine, they want to provide a platform to help people tell stories that facilitate a bonafide human connection.

While the rebranding is a new effort, a people-focused approach was and is always the foundation on which Piktochart was built – a place where their HOPEFUL values reign supreme.

As Shen Dee says, “Piktochart was built up on a foundation of its HOPEFUL values – standing for Humble, Open Up, Passionate, Excellent, Fun, User-Focused, and Love – these values serve as a guiding light for us in everything we do, and we hire thoughtfully and carefully based on how well our candidates resonate with these values as well.”

The diversity of their teammates really impacts the experimental, “fail fast” startup culture at Piktochart where they are constantly trying on new tools and processes on for size – and fine tuning the way they do things.

She writes that they think that there’s too much negativity associated with failure in general, which is why they encourage their people to constantly run experiments to not only face their fears – but to also forge new paths that lead to growth for the company and also for themselves.

is an Author, Trainer and Consultant in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Communication, Organizational Development and Project Management. Some of his past successes include restructuring a private University to enable an increase in student numbers, and serving the Malaysian government as a Communications Consultant as part of its profile building efforts. He is now focused on success building of individuals and organizations.

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