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Ian Homer

Originally from the UK, Ian has lived and worked in Southeast Asia for nineteen years. The last eight of those have been spent coaching and mentoring over sixty executives and business owners. Ian's specialist area is helping executives in mid-market growth firms improve their strategy and revenues, retain their key team members, improve execution and build cash.

Sanmuga Thavamoorthy

is an Author, Trainer and Consultant in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Communication, Organizational Development and Project Management. Some of his past successes include restructuring a private University to enable an increase in student numbers, and serving the Malaysian government as a Communications Consultant as part of its profile building efforts. He is now focused on success building of individuals and organizations.

Azleen Abdul Rahim

Azleen Abdul Rahim is the co-founder and editor of Marketing in Asia, a resource centre for all things marketing. Our peers in the online magazine world, the site hosts experts in marketing who have influenced and inspired powerful marketing concepts and ideas that are both shareable and immediately applicable. SME Assist is proud to collaborate with Azleen in bringing you thought pieces of experts in their field as well as the best approaches you can take to upgrade your marketing. You can visit the Marketing in Asia site at, and follow Azleen on LinkedIn (

Danniel Lim

Danniel Lim is an Author, Passionate Coach, Experienced Trainer and MC who has trained and spoken in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Hong Kong. He takes his participants and clients to another level with his veracity, authenticity and his personal experience because he has been out there “on the ground” listening to the people. Danniel is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner active in the area of Influence, Persuasion & Negotiation, Talent & Engagement and Personality Profiling. Danniel has Certification in Transformational Leadership and Coaching with expertise in Leadership & Management; Coaching & Mentoring; Creativity & Problem Solving; Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills.

Readers Write

Articles and Opinion pieces written by you, our readers.

Angeline Yee

Attached to the International Council of Psychotherapist (ICP) London, the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) UK and accredited by Complimentary and Natural Health Council (CNHC) UK, Angeline Yee is the 1 and only Certified Clinical Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, Coach and Speaker in Asia. Her vision is to bring positive changes to society by empowering the community to overcome their physical, emotional and mental barriers towards a positive, happy and balanced Uncompromised Life, delivering Uncompromised Performance. She helps her clients to find the root cause of their issues by assessing the subconscious mind.

James Oh

A chartered accountant, lawyer, toastmaster and professional trainer, James has more than 30 years of professional working experience in various industries such as trading, construction, aviation, movies investment and distribution. His expertise in finance is well known, with him often being called upon by business owners to negotiate with world leading aviation financiers, insurance and reinsurance brokers on their behalf. James has been featured in numerous publications including Smart Investor Magazine, Financial First, Money Compass, FlyMe360, Property Insight, Corporate Voice Journal (MAICSA), Malaysian Institute of Insurance and the Journal of Wealth Planning and Management among others. He joins the SME Assist team as a financial, wealth and mindset specialist.

Shabenah Bee

Shebenah is a dedicated Computer Science educationist with 17 years’ experience in ICT and soft-skill training with a focus on Microsoft Office programmes, especially Microsoft Excel. She is especially committed to innovation, and as a strong believer in continuous learning, spends a lot of time learning about the latest happenings in IT and ICT.

Khing Wong

Khing is a Business Coach, Author and Corporate Trainer. She has more than 10 years experience in coaching and mentoring. She has worked with hundreds of individuals in several local and multi-international companies. Khing’s insights and coaching has helped high level CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs and business executives increase their performance in just weeks.

Soo Hoo Yoon Hunn

One of the founding members of SME Assist, Soo Hoo is the former President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Trainers and Coaches (MAPTaC) and current Asia-Pacific Director for the Global Trainers Federation. He is highly sought after as a Master Trainer due to his passion for SMEs; it has often been said that it shows in the results they achieve after he works with them.

J P Valdes

JP Valdes is a Transformation Engineer, Business Coach and Immersive Simulation Trainer who focuses on organisational development and entrepreneurship training. He is a co-founder of the award-winning training company Cavemen Asia Sdn Bhd. You can follow their interesting, often insane work on or check out their website for more information at

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