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How To Become A Creative Marketer

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How To Become A Creative Marketer

To be a truly creative marketer, one needs to really understand the consumer’s psyche.


Ever watch football?

You’ll notice that the player in the center, the midfielder, are the playmakers.

Due to their strategic position, they are responsible for designing and playing games to ensure that as many opportunities as possible are available to players in the attack or striker, to score goals.


It’s not easy to create these opportunities. They need to ‘see’ the opportunity before they are planned, they need to know what to do first until the opportunity is made and they need to be creative.

A marketers’ responsibility is the same as those of the midfielder. Without creativity, without having a good strategy, and without having experience, expertise and technique, it is likely that his or her entire marketing initiative will be shattered.

Here’s why.

If you look out there, it’s very ‘noisy’ in social and mass media. From Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, to billboards, newspaper, TV and magazines, various types of content exist from various brands. There are good quality ones, and some self-depreciating ones, and many more. Everyone wants the attention of potential customers to pause and see their content in the hope of a purchase.

As a marketer, you need to be more prominent than they are. You need to be above the noise. And to do this, your thinking as a marketer needs to be more creative.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Understand who your customers are. There are too many brands out there who still do generalised marketing – that’s a mistake. Instead, the most effective strategy to attract users is to know more about who your consumers are, where they are, their age category, gender, what they want, when they want it and where their attention is focused.
  • Understand their behavior. You can either physically go to shopping centers or online to see and make some observations about consumer purchase behavior. Try to see their behavior before they buy, when they buy and after they buy. In fact, you can also ask some of these questions to friends or anyone you know about the products or services they use, if they use those of your competitors.
  • Answer their problems. Knowing their problems will help you chart your marketing strategy, because those answers will get them to buy your product and in turn solve the problems they face with ease.
  • Use the language they use. Selling to young people using punctuated, proper language sounds a bit ‘uppish’. If you notice on Facebook for example, most of the products and services sold to Malays will receive a good response in terms of Likes, Comments and Shares when the status is written in street Malay. Similarly, with the Chinese, good responses come when the status is written in a rather down-to-earth street Chinese. In essence, the choice of the words and the way words are used is also important, so as not to be too corporate or otherwise.
  • Be on their side. Your brand positioning is also important. You need to make potential customers see your brand as if you’re on their team, as their ‘friend’. They need to see you as a brand they can rely on. They need to see that your brand is not only focused on money and profit alone, but wants to help them.
  • Give ideas, not buying instructions. A good example is IKEA, do they force you to buy? No. They want you to ‘steal’ the interior decoration ideas from their stores for use in your own home. You yourself decide to buy. Do the same – give an idea to the user, and they will come to buy from you.

Give these a shot and see where they take you.

Azleen Abdul Rahim is the co-founder and editor of Marketing in Asia, a resource centre for all things marketing. Our peers in the online magazine world, the site hosts experts in marketing who have influenced and inspired powerful marketing concepts and ideas that are both shareable and immediately applicable. SME Assist is proud to collaborate with Azleen in bringing you thought pieces of experts in their field as well as the best approaches you can take to upgrade your marketing. You can visit the Marketing in Asia site at, and follow Azleen on LinkedIn (

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