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Got A Little S & M Budget Surplus?

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S & M: Sales & Mktg

Got A Little S & M Budget Surplus?

Here’s where you spend that additional $ 12,000 – get more paying customers!


True, not many companies out there are lucky enough to experience this situation. In fact, usually the situation is that it’s a struggle to find money for almost any activity for the company.

This is usually because most companies don’t really have sufficient business models capable of dealing with any type of economic situation – when the going is good, it’s all profit and expansion, and when things get tough, it’s fire the employees.

“Yet, for the good, strong companies that plan their activities each year, what would be a good investment for their budget surplus?”


As a marketer, my answer is this – get more paying customers for your company.

To achieve this objective, you do not need to hire more sales executives, sales managers, and so on. You already know from experience that the more lucrative markets nowadays aren’t buying your products because your product sales managers are good people, but because of the customers themselves – they depend on published articles, reviews on social media, personal experiences when using the product and the experiences of other people who have used the product.

All these four factors can be found on the internet these days. As a result, you need to be far more aggressive on the internet than anywhere else. And for this, you need to be more active using digital marketing for this purpose than any other method:

  • Social Media Management:
    • Only from RM500 per month in one social media platform, you can move more aggressively and actively every day. If you aren’t sure about how to do this, there are digital marketing agencies out there that can help your company handle your social media activities every day better because of their years of experience and expertise. Use them.
    • The important thing is to be on the right platforms where your potential buyers will be. Usually you will need two platforms, so you would need to budget RM1,000 a month. Try them first for 6 months to see the results.
    • Total amount – RM6,000.
  • Content Development:
    • Without content, nothing can be shared with potential buyers and other users. But what is content? Content means article writing, short tips, specific tips, ideas, industry opinions, trends, statistics, videos, infographics, posters and so on.
    • These are all content that you can share with outsiders.If your content is good, social media management will be easier and more effective. So get a good copywriter. Usually decent copywriters that can produce suitable infographics and/or articles charge around RM250 a piece – which comes up to around RM1,000 a month for your own content. Try this first for 6 months as well, and see the result.
    • Total amount – RM6,000.

Through interactive social media management and quality content, paying consumers will definitely be interested in getting closer to your product. They will see that your product can help them solve their problems at home, at work or even be able to complete what they want.

From this engagement, they will start sending short messages through your social media messenger tools without needing to be told. Which in turn, results in sales.

Azleen Abdul Rahim is the co-founder and editor of Marketing in Asia, a resource centre for all things marketing. Our peers in the online magazine world, the site hosts experts in marketing who have influenced and inspired powerful marketing concepts and ideas that are both shareable and immediately applicable. SME Assist is proud to collaborate with Azleen in bringing you thought pieces of experts in their field as well as the best approaches you can take to upgrade your marketing. You can visit the Marketing in Asia site at, and follow Azleen on LinkedIn (

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