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CFM Supports Government Efforts in Doubling Internet Broadband Speed at Half Price

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CFM Supports Government Efforts in Doubling Internet Broadband Speed at Half Price

CFM’s chairman, Mohamad Yusrizal Dato’ Yusoff, believes that this is good news for consumers because high-speed internet is no longer considered a luxury but a modern necessity.


The number of internet users as of the year 2017 is 24.5 million and most households subscribe to the internet for their daily usage. However, the price offered is costly and burdensome. For example, fiber internet connection is being charged at more than RM100 per month. However, due to the needs of our current digital life, consumers are left with no choice but to subscribe even though it is not cheap.

“The government’s initiative to reduce the digital gap between urban and rural areas can be considered a proud achievement; the infrastructure that has been put in place is already being used by consumers in rural areas. With some upgrading and optimization of the existing infrastructure, the service providers should be able to reduce the price as well as improve the quality of coverage of their service,” said Mohamad Yusrizal.

The growth of online business activities is aligned with an increase of internet access to all internet users and for some, this activity is a source of income. If the price of internet services is reduced, their cost of doing business can be decreased which will consequently help improve the standard of living of the rakyat.


However, Mohamad Yusrizal added that CFM as a consumer forum for the communications and multimedia industry has always emphasized on self-regulation by encouraging consumers to choose packages that fit their budget. If there is a high demand for a cheaper price, it can influence the current trend for packages offered.

As CFM represented both parties (the demand and the supply sides), he said that they will continue to focus on initiatives or steps that can benefit both service providers and consumers in a fair and reasonable way. “Through CFM, we help consumers to seek redress to unresolved complaints, raise consumer awareness by sharing useful tips as well as work with the service provider to develop industry best practices to safeguard consumer rights.”

He also extended his congratulations to Y.B Gobind Singh on his appointment as the new Minister of Communications and Multimedia, and expressed hopes that the Minister will help to boost the industry further and safeguard the welfare of consumers.

In the meantime, he added, he also hoped that the Minister’s upcoming meetings with telecommunication companies to discuss industry issues and way forward would benefit both the service providers and the consumers.

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