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Are We True to Ourselves and Our Profession?



Are We True to Ourselves and Our Profession?

When we speak, it reflects on us far more than we realise.


Bavani Periasamy

President Elect

Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers



Every religion teaches us about love, peace and respect.

Many would say that is the core of being human.

Yet, in the last few weeks, what I’ve seen actually saddens me.

You may wonder why, what with all the nice, beautiful changes that are taking place – let me share why.

In these few weeks, I’ve seen people in high positions uttering words that are derogatory, demeaning, and hurtful upon others. And it’s extremely painful to see, as some of these people call themselves nation builders, change makers, folks who inspire and empower, and so on.

Yet, these people utter words that one would not expect to hear from someone who teaches or has a role to impart knowledge. Why is this so important to me?

Because to me, a trainer is also a teacher. One may argue to the roles differences, but when you drill it down, it’s the same. Imparting knowledge and making a difference. Building the community to build the nation.

And being a trainer/coach/teacher is not just what you say in the classroom, training room or session; it’s how you conduct yourself at all times. It’s how you ‘walk the talk’.

“Isn’t that what we aspire to teach the people in our classroom? If it is not, then why are we doing it?”

If we’re not doing so, are we then not true to our passion? To our profession?

Let’s not even go to the topic of spreading all kinds of news. Do we know if something is true before we share?

Let me put it another way – here we are doing programs on culture change, personal development, mindfulness, high-performance teams, team engagement and so on. When doing so, do we teach to share and spread messages that we do not know the origin or source?

Why is it that we teach one thing and do another? Is that socially or even ethically acceptable?

We have one of the most noble, humbling and powerful professions. To teach and to make a difference. We are the creators of future beings.

It’s time to really ask ourselves this question. Are we really doing what we are here to do.

Are we really leading by example? Each and every one of us has a duty to the people we have in front of us in the training room. More than that, we have the highest duty as a human, to respect each other.


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